Page with all unpublished records

Hi Dato team,

We have a lot of different types of content which are translated in many different languages in our CMS.

It’s hard for our editors to keep track of what has been updated, as they have to go through every single types of content and publish it if they see it’s been updated and looks good.

It would be nice to have a notifications system or a place in the app where they could see all unpublished records at once.


While I think this idea makes complete sense, if you wanted, you could already create this with a plugin. The REST API already gives you the option of fetching all the draft records, it’s more a question of creating an interface for that.

Totally yes! We ended up building a plugin which adds a new “Publishing” tab to the dashboard :slight_smile: (with great support from Marcello).

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hey @matthias great stuff! Did you make the plugin public? I’m sure it would gather some interest :slight_smile: