Overriding filename for upload with Ruby client

Hi DatoCMS!

I’m working with your Upload API, specifically Step 1: Request an upload permission, which lists filename as a valid parameter. Over in the Ruby client Dato::Upload::CreateUploadPath always uses the original filename. This can be unpleasant when uploading something like a Tmpfile, since the naming conventions won’t necessarily resemble anything that I’d want to browse in the DatoCMS web UI later.

Is my read of the Ruby client correct that the filename cannot currently be overridden? If so, do you think that this is something that can be supported in a future release of the gem?


Hello @fixlr, and welcome to the community!

You’re right, unfortunately we don’t have that functionality on the ruby gem :frowning:
I’ve added this as a feature request for the developer team, as it seems like an important missing feature.
If you’d like as well, you can make a PR in the meantime.

Thank you for the feedback!