New DatoCMS powered webapp: Animo

Hey all,

I like to share my recently launched webapp here, that’s build on DatoCMS:, a platform to request for yet uninvented products and services.

After considering some data options - MySQL, Hasura, DatoCMS, Prismic, Sanity and Storyblok - DatoCMS seemed the best fit for it and have been enjoying working with it ever since. It was our first project using GraphQL which fitted perfectly in a micro-services oriented (little) architecture, which combined very well with Blockstack which we use for registration and authentication. So it was a blessing not having to maintain a database ourselves :raised_hands:

The main reasons for choosing Dato over the alternatives were:

  • Great to combine both regular/static pages (home, about, FAQ) but also collections like the postings, appraisals/upvotes and solutions
  • Pricing acceptable for smaller projects
  • Webhooks: Awesome :tada: This really saves us development time as we don’t have to program features like posting to twitter and send email alerts: I now hooked up Integromat which creates the Twitter post for us when a new Request article is created on our website.

More info on our tech stack on our Producthunt page if you’re interested. Or post here if you have any questions or remarks :muscle:

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WOW! Thank you very much for sharing this @steve !!! :smiley:

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