Naming/tagging history revisions


it’d be great if one can set custom name to particular revision.

Use case:
Editor has item in good/consistent state. Then he decide to try do some changes which he doesn’t know if they are good or bad. So he could mark current revision with custom name, then do the changes and show them others. If he or others finds out these changes are not good, he can easily find the good version in history.

This would be awesome. Sometimes there are important milestones in documents that you’d like to keep some versions persistent, I missed that when I edited legally relevant documents like Imprint and GDPR documents. (something like “Approved by legal service” for instance).

This should work the same way as in Google Docs or Sheets, there you can do that easily. Intermediate unnamed versions could be deleted/squashed in between named versioned, but named versions should be persisted without limit. I had no problem if this was a paid feature only (but still within Business, not Enterprise), for hobby projects you probably won’t need this.