Menu items with shared filters

Hey guys - we have 2 issues which would be great to be resolved - I feel like they could be sorted without too much effort but it would be good quality of life improvements.


Currently if you have shared filters for the same model as menu items - when you view one, the highlighting function will highlight all of the menu items that share the same model - It would be great if they could only highlight the specific model + shared filter that you’re working on.

I assume that the highlight function is just doing a check for if model only, but it would be great if it could also differentiate for model + shared filter.

(splitting because I can only embed in a new post)

If you’re in a shared filter + model view, if you create a new record, and press ‘back’ it will take you back to the model without any saved filter. I appreciate that this is potentially due to your new record not being included in your filter (and therefore not being visible when going back). But its a very jarring experience, This also happens when you choose to save or abandon by using the back button.

Example ^^


Thank you! I think it makes sense, I’m going to turn this into a feature request