Menu Icons

It would be very helpful to have a set of icons available in the menu. The appearance and structure of the menu is key to clients/editors understanding what they’re doing, and having the option to choose icons for the folder, model, and URL menu item types would improve the visual structure and aid recognition.

An example of a product that nails this is Notion — their menu makes it very easy for the developer to communicate the data model to other users. (Unfortunately they don’t have much else, like an API or strict schema).

Neat! I really like it!

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We’re coming across the need for this feature fairly often lately. Would be a great addition to the interface.

As a workaround, we’ve been using emoji in our menu names (just edit their title and add the emoji):


Your operating system should have a built-in emoji keyboard, or you can just google them and copy and paste.

Edit: Caveat, I think the emoji will look different for different editors using different operating systems (windows/mac/android/etc.) :frowning: