Media Assets - Custom Data Autocomplete or Global Settings for Names

Hi Dato Team,

We would like to use the Custom Data option on Media Assets however I fear authors will likely not use the same “Name” value between assets, ie they might write “Photographer”, “Author”, “photograph” etc and not consistently write the same name for the meta data. They also might not know what Custom Data names they should add.

I was wondering if there could be either a CMS global setting to specify a list of the media asset “Name” values that you could select with a dropdown. I think this would be the most ideal option. It could be backwards compatible for all users by instructing the Custom Data entry to behave as is if the admin hasn’t added a list, but if the admin has added a list in the settings then it could be a select box instead. Keen to hear your thoughts.

Alternatively if you could have autocomplete on that field that searches past Name values that have been entered (not as ideal because they could still enter an option we don’t want them to)

Here is a rough example with a select box instead

Thanks Dato team.