Make the help text more useful in structured text fields

Our team of content editors currently leverages over 50 blocks in structured text fields for page creation. As you can imagine, distinguishing each block’s function and appearance can be challenging.

Our current solution involves attaching an image and a concise description to each block as a help text, showcasing its webpage representation and usage.

However, this solution introduces a couple of notable challenges. Our first hurdle involves uploading 50+ images demonstrating each block’s presentation on the website. Without folder organization capabilities in the media library, this process only exacerbates the existing management issues. Please note that there is a separate feature request to address this media library organizational issue.

Also, inserting a block requires the content editor to type ‘/,’ which prompts a popup allowing the selection of a block using the up and down arrow keys. However, this interface does not readily display any help or guidance. Instead, the editor must manually hover the mouse over a block in the popup to view the associated help text. It would be considerably more user-friendly if this help text were automatically visible upon the block’s selection.

Furthermore, once a block has been added, its corresponding help text becomes inaccessible. We propose that upon selecting a block, the help text should be visible, either via the sidebar or by hovering over the added block within the structured text field. This could improve our team’s productivity and the overall content editing experience.

I also came here to request the block help text persists after selecting it in Structured Text. Thanks!