Localisable URL prefix in Slug fields

In addition to Localisable default values I would like to see localisable slugs as well. It’s very confusing for an English user to see Dutch slugs.

Hopefully you will consider adding this.

hello @floris.tenhove can you please provide an example of which slugs you would like to see translated? I’m assuming you are not talking about the slug field, am I wrong?

hi @mat_jack1! Of course, I’m sorry for the incomplete request. This request is aimed at the URL prefix found in the Slug field > Presentation tab. I would like to be able to provide a prefix per locale as our frontend URLs differ per locale. This could be slug based (when creating a subpage) or domain based or a combination of both:


Hopefully this clears things up. I have also updated the topic title accordingly.

yes, that makes sense, thank you for opening this!