🧾 Link to record inside Table

It would be nice to be able to link to records inside tables. Now tables are limited to text only links.

Are there any workarounds to this problem or are there plans to make table creation more powerful by bringing table support to structured text?


Hey @mikko.vanska if you are referring to links in rich text editors, then we only allow textual links in there. You cannot do anything else unfortunately :frowning:

Depending on how big the table should be, but maybe you can consider using a modular content field in which the rows are represented by blocks? What do you think about this?

Using blocks for tables seems overly complex and even relatively small tables get unwieldy to handle if done with blocks.

One other thing with larger tables, especially inside nested blocks is that the editor UI doesn’t have overflow scroll set for the tables:

Couldn’t you bring table support to Structured Text (at least eventually) since MDX supports it (I know it’s not 1:1 to your custom Dast format but still)?

Uhm, I think that you should have tabular data in a table, not paragraphs of text?

What’s your use case here? Maybe we can improve the table, but not for storing paragraphs, I think it’s difficult to get it right for that type of content, sorry :frowning: