Improvements to the built-in rich text (HTML) editor

Hi guys. The built-in rich text editor is great and could be even better with a few improvements. I have collected together some ideas here.

  • Control the options available in the format menu to a specific set of elements/classes defined for this field. Let us specify whether each option appears in the Format dropdown vs. has a toolbar button.
  • Edit the way those options are displayed in the editor, i.e. the stylesheet for those elements in the editor interface. For instance I want the user to be able to specify h1, but I don’t want this – while editing – to appear so enormous.
  • Sanitise pasted text in a way we can control i.e. sanitisation will limit elements/classes/attributes to a whitelist that can be defined when configuring the field – this could be the same list as above. Allow us to specify whether this happens automatically or via a “clean” button.
  • Specify image properties such as width – set a default for images added in this field, and/or allow right-click to edit properties (with allowed list of property edits).
  • Fix the toolbar to the top of the screen
  • Show tidy HTML in “view source” screen (i.e. just some basic line breaks in the right places)

I know we have plugins now, but the editor is such a core part of your CMS – please consider it!