Improved UI for Expanded View Row No Image State

There are times when “Expanded View” is preferable, primarily for having the modal table means of selecting records. However, sometimes those records have no image field. Currently, the UI looks like this…

It would be great if it could like like this…

Hmm, thanks for this suggestion, @brian1! This is inside a Multiple Links field, right? This almost seems like a bug to me… I’ll double-check with the devs on this and see if it’s a quick fix.

Correct @roger this is in a multi-links field.

Thank you, @brian1! Just so you know, I reported it a few days ago, but the developer who made it that way says there’s a good reason for it, but he’ll look into again once he’s back from vacation (soon). I’ll let you know once I hear back.


That developer looked into it some more and managed to fix the problem. Multiple Link fields with no thumbnail field specified should no longer show anything, instead of a gray box.


Thanks again for the report!

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Sweet. Thanks @roger and Dato devs. Confirmed it’s working on my end.