Immediately view new duplicate record

When clicking “Duplicate” from the edit page side bar, it would be very helpful if we could be taken to the new duplicate, as we typically use this to start a new item from another as a template.

Perhaps some customers may wish to keep the existing functionality and stay on the current record. If so, perhaps the notification pop-up could contain a link to the new record?

I agree. While I don’t consider this as a high priority, the current behavior is unexpected and has caught me by surprise already at the development phase.

I could definitely see this causing accidental edits of the original record. I can’t imagine a use case why someone would want to clone a record but continue editing the current one…

While I tend to agree with you, this proves difficult to change now as our users are used to this behaviour. So I’m not sure if this can change in the future, we need to gather a bit more interest on this, I think.

We currently get a notification in the bottom corner when duplicating. Couldn’t it just include a link to the new record?

Just noticed this has been done. Thank you very much!