Generating an RSS feed from a blog build in DatoCMS

Hello, we would like offer to partner (in their mobile App, on their website) possibility to register to a RSS feed to get informed that a new article has been published. Can someone guide me on the way to produce & fill a RSS feed from our blogposts ? Our Blog is developped on DatoCMS. Thank you

Hi @henri.villebrun,

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I’m afraid this isn’t a feature we offer out of the box, because every project in DatoCMS has a different schema, and RSS feeds are typically a frontend concern. As a headless CMS, we can’t see or touch your website code at all.

That said, it should be possible to make something like this using in your frontend by fetching your posts in GraphQL or via the CMA, then converting the JSON into a feed using something like the feed library.

This is an example: RSS Example with DatoCMS and Next.js

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