gatsby img

Hi guys, I am having some issues with gatsby builds. They are failing randomly and I am getting this error It is totally radnom - I have about 50 imgs to get and sometimes there is only one error, other times there are 20 errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

error code: vipspng: libpng read error

1 | fragment GatsbyDatoCmsFluid_tracedSVG on DatoCmsFluid {

2 | tracedSVG

| ^

3 | aspectRatio

4 | src

5 | srcSet

6 | sizes

7 | }

hello @kamilslaweta and welcome to Community!

Can you see what images are causing you problems? If you can help us track the pictures with problems we can try to see if we can do anything about them.


it is random. Sometimes all of them throw erros, othertimes only one.

and sometime build is fine :slight_smile:

Can you share the DatoCMS project (maybe via private messages) so that I can try myself?

Doneโ€ฆ Thanks :slight_smile: