Focus mode for structured text inside modular content

The topic says it all. Now focus mode is only possible when structured text is attached directly to a model.

Even more relevant because some things simply only work in focus mode, especially when it comes to reordering blocks (dragging is only possible in focus mode).

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We ran into the same issue (dnd/ordering), is there any progress on this?

Hi team, also very keen on getting this one added. Any updates?

Hi @andrew1 , @moritz.jacobs, and of course @mikko.vanska, we finally released a fix for this!

You should now be able to open focus mode in Structured Text fields inside Modular Content Fields, and use it to drag and drop nested blocks too.

Demo video:

Sorry it took a while. Please give it a try next time and let us know if it works for you. Thanks for your patience!