Filtering Floating point numbers - add in filter


Hey team!

My goal is simply not to overburden your API with calls.
Scenario is: getting the images for the products (stored in DatoCMS) by filtering a list of SKUs that the user has added to a Cart / or selected in some withlist or so, in one api call

SKU codes are floating point numbers.
And I can’t seem to find any kind of a way to achieve this.
Something like “in” isn’t available.
The only way is: fire an api call for each product in the list, which is not optimal from any way we look at it


What I did is, create a new field just for this occasion as a Single line string.

Use the DatoCMS CMA, via api to get all the thousands of codes from the Floating Point field, then stringify them and push them back via api to DatoCMS new field.

So solved, but… obviously, it took some time with the firing rate limit on the api etc.