Filter records by 'Created By' -field


We have a lot of pages on our DatoCMS Content Model and all these records have the ‘Created By’ - field. That field ‘Creator’ can also be shown as a column for the Collection.

Still, I can’t use it as a filter. I believe there is no way to create a filter that would only show all the records I created and am responsible of. Also the Search field can’t find any records if I only white the name of the creator.

Is this something you could possibly add?

That is really strange. I mean isn’t that one of the main things you want to filter for?
The same is true for assets?
How can I see all assets created by a specific Creator resp. Collaborator?

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Yes, same thing at the Media Area. You can search by ‘Author’ or ‘Created at’ but not by the actual Creator…

Now you can! :slight_smile:

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Sorry this wasn’t implemented, there has been a misunderstanding :slight_smile:

For now it’s not possible as we are trying to keep the parity between the filters on the REST API and the GraphQL API. If this is the case, then exposing the internal IDs of the creators on the GraphQL API is not ideal and we don’t want to do.

So if at some point we decide to break the parity between the APIs, then we’ll be able to implement this. For now though we cannot, I hope to have given a bit more info on the reason why.

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