Field settings templates

When setting up a new project, I spend a long time clicking to set all the fields in the correct way. Many times, I am selecting the same thing again and again.

I would like to be able to create templates in the project Settings area, which can be applied to fields in one click:

  • Project Settings → Field Templates area
  • Create template → Select field type
  • Define settings for that field: Localisation, Validations, Presentation, Plugins
  • Give template a name
  • Automatically apply to new fields in: [model multi-selector]

Now when I edit any field of a type that has a defined template, I see:

  • Apply Template → Dropdown of templates defined for this field type
  • Click a template → Those settings are applied to the field

And when I create a new field in a model, of a type that has a defined template, and which has that model identified under “automatically apply”, I don’t even need to select the template, it is preselected and those settings are the default for that field type in that model.