Enable CORS on assets

Currently CORS is not supported on assets uploaded to DATO.

We’re using canvas and webgl as part of our application, and would love to mange the assets in DATO. But, when loading images into a canvas, we need CORS to be enabled. It seems to be pretty straight forward in Imgix (which i belive is the service powering assets delivery?).

Could u either:

A) Gennerally allow CORS on assets uploaded to DATO through Imgix?
B) Allow to toggle some option per project, to allow assets to have Access-Control-Allow-Origin allowed?

It’s a pain to have some of the management in DATO and still have to rely on either assets being in the build or in third party.

All the best
Thomas, Heavyy

Hello @thomas

maybe this has been resolved meanwhile, but I’ve just checked and we do allow CORS on assets by default.

I’ve checked on our pictures and there is a header access-control-allow-origin: * isn’t that enough?