Editor - Filter should persist while editing items

If I apply a filter to a collection, select an item to edit and then navigate back I’d like the filter to be still applied.
As far as I can remember this was the case with the old UI.

hey @magbeat thank you for this, we have implmented what you’ve asked!

Please be in touch again if anything is missing or is not as you expected.


Hi @mat_jack1

Thanks for the feature! Unfortunately it does not work for me. I am applying a filter, then I open a record and navigate back with the “arrow back” and the filter is lost again. Did I understand something wrong?


sorry for the delay @magbeat but you are right! It’s not live yet, but implemented, should come very soon!

ok @magbeat!

This is now live for real! :slight_smile:

Hi @mat_jack1,

thanks a lot for the ping the persistent filter. Works as expected or even better! :wink:

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