Duration Field for Audio Files

It would enable a ton of use cases if a duration field were provided for audio files. For example (both real use cases from the last month):

  • Generating a podcast feed within a static site, where episodes and audio files are coming from Dato and duration is required in the feed metadata
  • Generating a static backend for an app which has a lot of media content and needs duration data ahead of time

I was hopeful when I printed a Dato file object (from the dato-middleman gem) and saw a duration field, but it’s always nil. Also couldn’t find it in the GraphQL schema.

yes @webworkshop the duration field is populated for videos, but we don’t do any audio processing.

We should start doing that to enable what you are asking. Surely it’s cool, we need to consider how to do that! :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Is there a status update on this? Or can i follow it’s progress somewhere? Would love to have this functionality included, it would be handy for podcasts etc. Thanks in advance!


hey @wouter.blockken just upvote this and when we’ll pick this up we’ll add a new tag “in-progress” and then “launched” when it’s live.

We normally notify also via product updates when new features are released. Thanks!

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