Due date for assets

Sometimes we have license to use images and videos for å limited period. It would be nice to have a field on each asset where we could set which date the license expieres.

Sorry @lasse.norgreen,

This is another thing we do not currently have built-in support for. Let’s leave this feature request.

However, you can add tags, notes, or custom data to images in the UI or via the CMA. Later, to filter for them, I’m afraid you’ll have to use the API to fetch all the image metadata in your project and then filter the dates clientside.

Alternatively, depending on your project schema, you might be able to attach the images to records instead, and use scheduled unpublishing on the record to automatically de-publish it when the time comes: General concepts - Scheduled publishing - DatoCMS Docs If that happens, the image itself will still be available via its URL (unless you set up a webhook to delete the image on record unpublish). But the record should go away, and if your frontend rebuilds on that unpublish, the page itself should disappear too.

If you have multiple records & models all pointing to the same image and you want to expire them all at once, you could make a separate “Expiring Image” model, whose records will be linked to by the other models. Then when the Expiring Image record unpublishes, the linked records should update too.

Sorry, I know these aren’t great solutions, just temporary workarounds. I hope the feature can be properly implemented later.

We are already using the custom data-field for this. The user can insert a field “Expires” and a date, but You know users, “Expires” will become “expires”, “EXPIRES”, “Expire” and so on. So it would be useful to have a custom field for this. Or even better, I could be able to define fixed field names in custom data and also data type for the input.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the detail!