Different editors on different locales

Dear Dato staff,

Since my media startup’s content is published in three languages, each article is set up with three locales. However, it appears to be the case that only one locale can be edited by one person at a time. And if one editor enters to work on one locale while another editor is working on another locale, the absence of autosave means all work is lost in case one of the editors saves or makes changes. This is a total disaster for my startup.

I.e. three editors can’t work on three different language versions (locales) of the same article. Could you please offer your guidance on how we can resolve this issue? The “locking”/deletion of articles/edits in this manner is quickly becoming a bottleneck in our workflow.

Many thanks

Hey @mashabani! It’s true that you cannot edit two locales of the same record at the same time. To prevent two users from changing the same record at the same time, we have implemented an automatic lock. When a user starts editing a record, it will be considered locked and therefore not editable by other users. The record will be available again as soon as the first user saves or closes the editor.

So I’m not sure what do you mean with “all work is lost”, can you enlighten me?

Thank you for your kind response. Yes, I understand. Our issue is that since each language version of an article is saved as a locale rather than a record, this means all text has to be copied/moved outside the CMS for editing etc. Re working being lost, I was referring to some staff members noting that some changes they made had been lost after not being able to save/being kicked out as a result of someone else entering the record while the first person was not registered by the system as editing (and not just “looking” at the record). But this problem has now been solved via an internal notification system for when someone is editing a record.

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