Default filters and displayed columns for menu item (or model)

I’d be perfect for our clients to have the ability to set default filters for a menu item aiming to model.

We have News model. News have Link field to Category model corresponding to 2 client’s divisions. I want to add 2 different menu items aiming both to the same News model with different filters.

Yet better:
If the menu item had default filters set, then the “Add new record” button would create new record with some of the fields set default values, the same as default filters have.

Set default filters and displayed columns on collection/model. It won’t solve the case but can help users to have default view customizable by us.

hey @dev3 have you considered using custom menu items with an external URL that points to a model with a filter enabled?

It’s not ideal as it opens a new tab, but is this the behaviour you would expect? We could add “internal URL” maybe?

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@mat_jack1 We have pretty much the same problem and are using awkward external links for now - so yes some kind of “Internal URL” option (or an option on External URL to open in the same tab) would make the UX much more convenient for our marketers

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hi @matjack1,

So it’s possible to create shared filters, but it doesn’t seem possible to share displayed columns settings, right? That would be really really really helpful.


yes, you are right, good idea!

Should I create a new feature request for this or is it covered by this one?

if you want to create a new feature request would give it more visibility, yes, thanks!!

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Alright, done! You can find it here: Shared displayed columns like shared filters