Dato Editor Console Collections Listings - Presentation Title - allow multiple fields

In the console, it would be nice to have the ability to specify multiple fields for a record’s title in the model’s collection listing.

Being able to use a mustache template or something along the lines of Ruby’s string interpolation: "#{title_field} [ #{slug_field} ]" would be great.

Roger did suggest in Slack to leverage a Computed Field which is workable for now.

However, the fallback SEO title should be configured separately from the Console UI title.

The business case is that our content editors would like to see the slug and possibly other attributes to help quickly find a particular record quickly while scanning the listings.

This becomes more important in tree-organized models since the normal filters aren’t available at the top of collection listing. (and that would also be a nice thing to have even if ends up flattening the tree into a regular list when filtered).