Date Field in plugins-sdk react-ui

Hello, I’m building a plugin and the client would like to be able to filter content based on a start and end date. Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for making so many ui fields available! plugins-sdk/packages/react-ui at master · datocms/plugins-sdk · GitHub I was wondering if it’s in the pipeline to make a Date Field available styled the same as the date fields?



Do you mean you want to make a field editor plugin with a custom date editor? Like a field extension? If so, you can use any frontend date picker you like, such as React Date Range Picker component - MUI X or React-DateRange-Picker

If it’s not just a single field you’re developing, you can still use those libraries with something like a Custom Page.

Does that help at all, or am I misunderstanding?

Hi Roger,

I meant are you planning on creating a component for a date field like you have with a lot of other ui elements (Button, ButtonGroup, TextField etc.) that could be used in plugins?

I understand I can use another library for a date picker, I was just wondering if you’d be creating one so that if someone needs a date picker in a plugin they’re developing it will look exactly the same as the date picker that’s available as a field type in models/blocks.

I see, thanks for the clarification! That’s a good idea!

As far as I know this isn’t on the current roadmap, but let me move this post into the Feature Requests section (where it’ll get more visibility both from other users and the devs).

Thanks for the suggestion!