Customise editor invitation emails / white-labelling

Dato lets me create really professional and easy-to-use website for my clients, but one tiny issue is the email they get to invite them into the system:

  1. It's confusing for clients that this comes from Stefano, a named person they've never heard of (but of course we have ;P)
  2. My clients aren't necessarily aware, nor care, that the system we are using named "DatoCMS", so again this is a little confusing.

If it would be too much of a pain to allow us to customise this email, could it just be changed globally to something more neutral?

I would also really like to cover up all references to DatoCMS at all points in the customer flow (the only other place I can think of where they’d see this would be the Login screen). I don’t think the end customer needs to see this and it can only confuse them.


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This seems like a small change, any thoughts?

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