Creating environment from command line

Hi team,

I would like to create a new environment from command line (not to fork one).
Its that possible? What will the code line look like?

Thanks in advance.

hey @diegoestebandato we don’t have a way to create an environment from scratch without forking. What’s your use case for that?

Hi Mat,

Thanks for your reply.
It is possible to create a fork of an existing environment using the dato CLI without using the migration “new migration” command. Something like dato fork source_env target_env ?

Hi @diegoestebandato

nope, it’s not possibile via the CLI, but you can script a few lines in a javascript file following this example ( Fork an existing environment - Environment - Content Management API ) and run it with node.

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Alright, done! CLI v3.4.12+ has the following:

dato environment fork source-environment-name duplicate-environment-name
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