Can't publish record successfully

Hi @jeff.f.chen,

Is it possible you’re using the old, now-deprecated datocms-client instead of @datocms/cma-client-node? This is a known problem with that client. From a similar thread: `INVALID_FORMAT` / 'id is not a permitted key' error on `item.publish()` with `datocms-client` (edited title) - #2 by roger

The workaround is to add serializeRequest: false as the third parameter, like this:

async function publishRecord() {
  const res = await client.item.publish('UR_-UEwVSMeHP3e_LbqadA',
 // body
    content_in_locales: [''],
    non_localized_content: true,

  // empty query string

  // the workaround goes here
  { serializeRequest: false }

(Or, if time allows, upgrading to the new client as soon as possible: