Bulk search and edit feature

On our current static site setup with GitHub, our SEO team quite often have to find certain phrases that occur throughout the content and do a bulk replacement through their code editor and then deploy that to GitHub.

At the moment with DatoCMS we would need to use the Content Management API to do the replace and build some sort of interface on top of it to make it user friendly.

It would be nice to have this functionality built into DatoCMS itself if possible.


Additionally for the search itself, I assume this endpoint for search (https://www.datocms.com/docs/content-management-api/resources/search-result/instances) would work? I tried this on the development account but I understand that this only works once a site is deployed and has been spidered?

Looking at the docs, does this give back the entire record that has the matching term rather than the actual field itself where it occurs?


yes @jeff.knox the search endpoint works only after it’s live and it has been spidered. Also we don’t have a way to match the content on the frontend with the actual records in Dato, so I don’t think you can use that for implementing your own solution.