Bulk Insert/Update

Is there a way to bulk insert/update records?
There is the bulk destroy that is really useful, and I am looking to find a way to do the same with inserts/updates.

It could be really helpful where large collections are populated from outside and not from the UI


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Not possible at the moment, what would be the use case compared to a sequence of API calls?

Our use case is to create or update 2000 records twice a day via API, because data come from an ERP.

The only issue I found is the performance.

I am doing a sequential call to create/update API but they take around 2 to 3 seconds a call with a payload of around 18kb, and it would take around 80minutes for only 2000 records, that is not acceptable.

I am using the free plan before have the customer start with the pay one.

Do you have any suggestion on how we can speed-up it?

Did you try not making calls sequentially but in parallel? Our API supports up to 60 requests per 3 seconds: Rate limits - DatoCMS

Yes I tried, but it didn’t help.

Looks like parallel calls are fast to send (obviously) but they become slower looking timing after the 5th call (5 to 7 seconds each)

if not possible to have a bulk feature for this scenario, it could be helpful to have the insert/update api much faster on execution…is it possible? does it depends on the plan?

thank you

seems like a lot! would you mind writing us through support some specific details of your project and API call payload so that we can investigate? Thanks!


Just sent it, thank you