Bug: Autogenerating and running migrations tries to generate schema_migration model twice

Hey @ldc,

I’ve been trying to replicate this, but haven’t been able to locally. Can I ask, please:

  • Which version of @datocms-cli you’re using? (I tried on 1.3.3 and it seems to work)
  • Was this the first time you generated a staging-copy and ran the migration generator? Or have you done this previously (and it worked)?
  • Is there more than one migration script in your repo? (./migrations/*.js)

Also, to help us troubleshoot, would you mind posting (or emailing support@datocms.com) with your project ID/URL so we can take a look and see if it’s something specific to your schema? With your permission, I’d like to fork your staging environment into a copy and a fork of that (like datocms-support-staging-copy and datocms-support-staging-copy-forked-for-migration) and try to do a migration on that, to see if I can locate the issue more specifically.