'Bin' area for deleted records

Massive feature full of gotchas, I know, but…

Would be a huge value-add for clients to reassure them that they can’t break anything, not even by accidentally deleting something. This is already true with revision history, but deletion can’t be undone in the same way.

Implementation suggestion:

  • A “Bin” area which:
    • Lists records by date deleted
    • Allows you to view the model they came from, and their content (you might want to just copy-paste)
    • Permanent delete button
    • Restore button (error if the model has in some way changed, or name clash)
  • Automatic cleanup after X days

I just found out DatoCMS doesn’t offer an undo/recycle bin. That is quite a dissapointment. Is this in the planning anytime soon.

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+1 on this feature