Be able to choose what blocks should be translatable inside a modular content

Seem like there is no way to choose what blocks should be translatable when using them in a Modular Content block.

Background info:
We’re using Modular Content as a visual builder (to add, removed and change order on components (blocks) on a page basic) for a large site.

Setup: (proposal)
I have a Modular Content block (named “Components”) where I have 2 blocks. One “Image” (like just a wide image with some spacing in the front-end, that is marked as non translatable in the modular content block) and one “Ingress” (ex large text component, that is marked as translatable).

UX wise there could be a “translate all blocks” checkbox, and a dropdown where you can select all blocks that should be translatable.

Use case:
On a page I add those two components using the Modular Content block “Components”, and translate the text on all languages using the “Copy content” functionality.

After a week, I go to the English (default language) page and change the image. Now I expect that all languages should have the updated image.

(even better would be that I could say directly in a Block what fields should be translateble, so I could have say a Hero component with a field Image that is non translatable and a title and ingress field that is translatable)