Automatic complete deletion and automatic redirect of deleted / replaced files

I request, that deleted or replaced files are being completely deleted right away. Right now, a deleted or replaced file can still be opened if the URL is known by the customer / website visitor. Especially for sensitive files like General Conditions or else this is very bad, since the user / website visitor might save and later open an old URL to see a file with outdated Information.

Also there should be more control to redirect URLs of deleted / replaced files. To me it would make sense, that if a file is being replaced, it’s URL is automatically being redirected to the URL of the file it’s was being replaced by.

Note: We have website visitors, which save URLs to PDFs. If a PDF is being deleted or replaced, the visitor gets a 404 message. Since this is not very user-friendly I request more control to redirect the URLs of deleted / replaced files, since this is real customer/website visitor -based thinking and should be standard thinking.