Attach arbitrary home pages to models


It’s a common arrangement that:

  • You have a model, e.g. services, which has every service type.
  • On the actual website, you have a top-level Services page, with some text, which lists all of the service records.
  • You have a separate pages model, which has one record for each of those top-level pages, where the top-level text can be edited – or, you have a single-instance services_home model.

Currently in Dato there is no elegant way to view and edit the top-level home page text in context with the individual records for a given model. In the example above, we cannot edit everything about Services together in one section.

At present:

  • You can create a Menu item called Services, which lists every service record.
  • You can create a Menu item called Pages, which lists every page record.
  • You cannot have a single Menu item called Services which lets you edit the Services home page text in context, then drill down to the individual service records.


Under a model’s Additional settings, allow the specification of a single record which is considered its Home page.

This could be implemented with options something like:

  1. Home page? (boolean) (“Does this model have a home page?”)
  2. Model (select a model) (“In which model can the home page be found?”)
  3. Record (record selector) (selects a record from the chosen model)

Once a model has a specified record as its Home page, the effect is as follows:

If that model is tied to a Menu item, then when the user clicks that Menu item:

  • The first record at the top of the view (separated out) is the selected Home page record. Clicking this presents the appropriate editor for that model.
  • Below this are all the records of the model as normal

As a workaround, you can add a menu item that links to the URL of an specific pages record, e.g.

Even though the menu editor UI says “external URL”, it actually works totally fine with another Dato URL. And in fact it’ll navigate there clientside, instantly, without a reload.

Then you can drag that workaround menu entry wherever you want, like nesting it under the services menu entry.

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@roger’s suggestion is good, or otherwise you can have the Services page that links all the services, so that you have a page with a description and a list of services that are published?

Thanks @roger that’s a great workaround, although I’m wary that it’s a kind of hack. It feels to me like this is a really core use case.

The other workaround is to create a Menu like:

  • Services [ = services_home single-instance ]
    • Services List [ = services model ]

It works but it would be much more elegant just to have a single Menu item.