Array-ify any field

Often a modular block is an overkill solution when all you want is a repeating basic content type.

If we just want the field options to be an array of options, why not allow field type = string and turn on the option array? Then the UI presents a “+” button to add an additional string, and the API returns [], ["string"] or ["string1", "string2", ...]

Equally for something more complex like a video field, the API would return an array of objects.

This generalises the existing way that single/multi fields are handled.

When I say any field, of course, it doesn’t make sense Modular content (which is already essentially array) or SEO fields. So, this feature would enable:

  • List of text field
  • List of media (=media gallery)
  • List of datetimes
  • List of numbers
  • List of booleans
  • List of locations
  • List of colours
  • List of links (=multi link field)