API explorer: Automatically add properties. And History

Is there a shortcute to automatically add all the properties to the query.
for example, currently you have to use the drop down to select each one manually.

It would be great if there was a shortcut key, or menu option in that dropdown to automatically fill in the properties as one would see in the Content Author section.

Or if I type * and hit return, it should fill in the properties.

Secondly, and i admit I haven’t looked, Is the API history shared with other collaborators? The term History is a bit missleading, and suggests it’s local to my account.

Something along the lines of “Project Queries” with a CTA to “Add Query” would be more obvious and usable tool that i think it currently is.

Hello @emile.swain thank you for these ideas! I’m turning this into a feature request, as we don’t have this functionality for now.

I was playing around with the History and it would definately be a very powerfull tool if it was more of a Saved Request Library. And even more usefull if shared with other collaborators.

I find the flow of building queries to be quite exhausting, and fiddly currently, as you have to scroll through a lot of the meta fields where as initially i just want to see the fields i’ve added to my models. So maybe group sort the model fields and the meta seperatly.

When clicking on a model, ideally it would pre-populate exactly as I see in the content editor.

Also, whilst i think a history is usefull, having a Clear CTA to create a new query, name it, delete it, update it (if new fields have been added/remove etc) would be great.

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