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thank you for the platform and your help.

At the moment I maintain a blog in 7 languages and we would like to have a built-in way to know which are the most viewed posts so we can automatically display them in a specific section, instead of having to manually check the data from Google Analytics and populate the list manually.

I have been doing some research and couldn’t find anything like data integrated in the CMS. please correct me if I’m wrong!

Thank you!

Hi @fruizdiego,

Thank you for the suggestion! I totally understand the desire for something like, but unfortunately, it’s not something we can really implement in a consistent way for our customers. You can ask your developer to do this by writing a DatoCMS plugin tied into your Google Analytics, probably something like a Form Outlet or Sidebar Panel.

The reason we can’t do this for you is that as a headless CMS, we don’t really have any knowledge or control over your website frontend. There’s not necessarily a 1:1 correlation between your website’s pages/screens and their schema in DatoCMS (and even for simple cases, like a post in Dato is a post in your blog), we don’t have a way to see how your router is mapping URLs to models. We don’t have any access to your frontend code at all.

That said, for simpler mappings, your developer should be able to make a relatively simple plugin that just pulls in the relative Google Analytics data and displays them in a Dato plugin.

Sorry about that!

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Thank you Roger!