Allow to extend supported languages

Currently there is a fixed list of supported languages in the settings.

We plan to move to a setup where we support multiple languages per country e.g.
The German hardware page should be translated in: German, Turkish and English.
The Dutch hardware page should be translated in: Dutch and English

This is necessary since the content varies based on the country due to regulations.

By allowing us to extend the supported languages we could avoid workarounds like using other locales or splitting the page into multiple pages.

Hello @nik.graf welcome to Community!!

Thank you very much for this. We can currently amend that list, but it’s going to affect every Dato user, so I’m not sure if that makes sense for what you are doing. In any case if you have general cases that you want to add we are open to that.

Thanks, will reach out to you once we get to that point.

I foresee having similar requirements - where we’d like to support English variations in different countries.

Such as English in Germany or Netherland