Allow to change which fields to show when using Link fields

We reference other models in a link field. Recently we figured out our naming conventions are not good enough and added a field to describe it only for content editors.

Is there any way or can you add a way where we can choose to use this field for the preview. Neither in the Compact view nor Expanded View we can see the needed field when selecting it in the linked field. Maybe it’s possible through the API?

I would expect the setting to be where I can choose between the Compact view and Expanded View.

hey @nik.graf in the link we display the first picture of the record (you can reorder fields for that) and also we use the title field as a label. Maybe you can customise the title field in order to use a more descriptive one? Or what were you thinking about?

What do you mean by title field or how can I add a title field or change the title field?

We had a model Buttons which previously had a localized Label and a localized Link. Then we added a field CMS Title. After your post we change it’s name to Title and also the Field ID to title.

Nothing helped. When referencing the Buttons model still the Label is shown. I also tried to switch the Field editor to the expanded view and then back. Still always the Label field is shown.

Here a preview of the reference options (I can only upload one image per post here :wink: )

hey @nik.graf sorry for the delay, but you can customise which one is the title field from here:

(it’s the settings of the model)

Let me know if you need more info.

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