Allow only certain records to be linked


First of all, I must say that I am absolutely in love with DatoCMS. I’ve used other headless CMSs in the past, but this is the best I have ever tried.

ok - the product I’m building is the marekting website of a training company.

Our primary models are courses and modules.

A course is made up of one or more modules.

Let’s say I have these records in my modules collection:

  1. Module A
  2. Module B
  3. Module M1
  4. Module M2
  5. Module C

Note: Content editors can also add new records in this list.

Now, I have a course named Miro course, and I want to add a validation that it can be only linked to M1 & M2 modules.

I can add a link field on Course model and can select Module in the allowed models.

But if I do this, editors can also pick the Module A, Module B and Module C etc. (Which I want to restrict in the first place).

Can someone please guide me in the right direction?

Thank you.

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I arrived here with the intention of asking the same question, and to my surprise, I stumbled upon your post.

Indeed, having such a feature would be highly desirable. I greatly enjoy utilizing the link field, but it would be advantageous to have the ability to restrict the choices available to editors and clients.

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