Allow article "Created At" date to be edited in the CMS

When importing data from an alternative CMS (especially when manually creating new data structures) it can be important to preserve the creation date of old posts/content.

Currently, when a new post is created a “Created at” as well as a “First Published at” date is set on the record, neither of which can be edited by the user.

I would propose that one of these fields (probably Created at) can be edited by the user, in order to backdate any imported articles.

This would be better than the current solution of creating a custom date field within the post to manually set the date (which then means backdated content have two dates requiring managing, the custom field for any old posts and the created at date for new posts).

This seems to be a reasonably popular request, and I know from experience is something I’ve used every time a site has imported old data in a cms.

This is now live: firstPublishedAt and createdAt are now editable - DatoCMS

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