All the best to DatoCMS team in 2023

I just wanted to say “thank you” to the entire DatoCMS team for support, listening to many of our wishes, for quick bug fixes, and in general for really great and fast support all-around. I am really happy that after long trial period of several solutions we have choosen the right headless CMS.

The product is great, but what is better is the team behind!

This year, DatoCMS has changed how we manage the data for our website in 10 languages. Even though we still haven’t publicly release the new website I can firmly say that DatoCMS has saved us tons of hours… And editing and managing website data has become fun again.

So wish everyone happy holidays and successful 2023. My only wish is that do never change how you do things! And you will have hard-core fan customers.


Thank you so much @primoz.rome !!! That’s the best holiday greetings we could hope for :slight_smile:

Honestly, when I started working for Dato, almost 4 years ago, I couldn’t believe that we could go this far. But now I think we still have a long way ahead! Thanks to you and all our customers that help us building a nice product that hopefully keeps being useful.

Rest assured, we don’t want to change the way we work as it’s what makes us efficient and also what allows us to listen to you and everyone else. I really think that our community is what makes us great, as it’s only thanks to all the feedback that we get if we can build a useful tool for everyone.

So thank you and thanks to our wonderful community!

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Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you. Means the world to us :slight_smile:

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Thank you @primoz.rome !

I’m one of the last arrived in DatoCMS’s team: thank you for your message, much much appreciated.

Happy holidays!

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Thank you @primoz.rome ! :blush: your message is the best gift I could find in my first working day of the year! :pray: all the best to you and your team.

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