Add Production URL option to Site Settings (also option to remove "Deployment")


I’d like to propose two changes which are relevant for projects that are using the API rather than the SSG ‘dump’ workflow:

  1. add the option to hide/remove Deployment Settings (since there may be no build step involved)
  2. add a “Production URL” setting to the Site Settings, which would be the canonical reference for the URL visited when user clicks on the “Visit Site” button. If this option is not configured, but a Production Deployment is configured, then Production URL would fallback to that.
  1. This would be good for me too, as I’ve set up webhooks to continuously deploy the site as changes are made. The deployment dropdown is confusing for users.
  2. This would also be handy. I have a staging and production environment and I can’t for the life of me work out how to set the default URL for things like SEO preview and Global SEO frontend_url variable — at the moment it’s set to my staging URL.

@lunelson I realised it’s possible to remove the deployment menu (at least for your editors). You can follow my adventures here: Continuous Webhook Rebuilds

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Thanks @webworkshop, that will come in useful!