Add option to disable ordering modular blocks on modular content field

Hi guys,

I would like to see some functionality that allows to disable the possibility of ordering modular blocks within a modular content field. This could be a boolean within the Presentation tab.
This does require that this boolean should be a permission as we (sometimes) do want admins to be able to re-order but we do not want to allow other roles to do so.

I will try to explain why we would like this feature. It’s mostly a timesaver for our developers as we can work with modular blocks which directly relate to components in our frontend without giving the user too much power in terms of page structure. This way the CMS dictates which blocks to render on a page and we don’t have to create a unique template for every (unique) single instance model with unique fields. Most of the time we will be setting up the record for the user so all modular blocks are there, already in the right order.
It might feel a little bit like we should use a single instance model for this functionality but the downside of using a single instance model is that you can’t re-use a set of fields from another model and you have to create them every time and we would need a unique query for every template. It’s not as dynamic as a modular content block.

Another thought is that maybe we should not abuse modular fields for this, but I hope you get my point and see what I’m trying to achieve. If any of you have any other suggestions or thoughts on how to achieve this I would love to hear them!