Add new record of sortable model on top of list?

I’ve set a model as sortable by drag and drop. Now when I create a new record in this model, it appears on the bottom of the list as last record – but this is very impractical for lists with a large number of records.

How can I get the new record to appear on the top of the list instead?

hello @bks and welcome to Community!!

Thank you for suggesting this improvment, I’ll move it to the feature requests so that we can evaluate it on the next iteration.

We would really like this feature. I think it’s rather weird to put it at the bottom of the list instead of the top.

@mat_jack1 Is this feature going to be added soon? I am working on a project that is becoming impractical due to this limitation.

Hi @clay, no this feature has not been included in the next development iteration, sorry :frowning:

In the meantime you can change an item position using this highlighted link in the item sidebar. In this way to you can move the item on top and then change its position with drag 'n drop afterwards.

I know this is not optimal, but I hope it can help.

@fabrizio That does help, thank you!

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Hi @fabrizio, while your solution is helpful in the meantime we’re experiencing this issue as well. When do you guys plan on implementing this feature?

Hi @tech, I’m sorry but this feature has not been planned yet :frowning:

any updates on this?

no sorry, but upvote it to give it more priority, we do a round of checks every now and then to implement the most voted (or the easiest)

Hi there, I am unable to drag/drop records in my DatoCMS. I don’t see a parameter for “Position in collection” anywhere. I am on the free plan, is this a premium feature or something?

hey @sean1 have a look here: Record ordering - DatoCMS you need to enable that per model