Add description and/or self documentation to record collection page

Our users who enter DatoCMS to create content are lacking inline documentation about the various models we have defined. The field helper text is really useful, but we’re looking for something at a higher level. It would be so helpful if we could customize one or more of:

  • The header of a record collection page, so we can document what this record type is used for, or provide links to type-specific external documentation
  • The top of the “create record” page, for a similar purpose (type documentation, how to fill in the fields, any further information, etc) — a custom plugin on a JSON field may get around this for now
  • The “hello” page itself

Seconding this.

Even as something as simple as a “read-only description” field type which accepts WYSIWYG/markup (entered by admins and readable by all), that can be inserted to any block or model, would be super helpful.