Add a confirmation dialogue prior to Publishing

Feature request.

Add a checkbox in record settings, that enables a “confirmation” dialogue upon publishing a record.

Today, the Publish-button directly publishes a record.

We would like to add an additional Quality Assurance step at the Publishing step, by showing a confirmation dialogue before Publishing.

This dialog could say;

Are you sure you want to publish?
This will result in publishing updates from John Doe, Jane Doe, etc.

If someone else has done Updates to the record since last publish,
it would be nice to see a short summary of Updates that will be Published, since the last Publish.

For example by just mentioning the other authors names, so the editor knows that now only their changes will be published, but from other editors.

Update: This could be done as a Plugin as well, I assume.

A Plugin that intercepts the before Publish hook and shows a Confirm dialogue before publishing.

Hello @mdc

Exactly, you can also do your own modal, and aprove/refuse the publication request based on the modal resolve value Plugin SDK - Opening modals - DatoCMS Docs

I do believe though, that this should probably be a part of the product.

That the Publish button could bring up a Confirmation dialogue, so editors gets a heads up what is about to be published (by other editors), as a QA step for editors.

Right now, the Publish button is a one-click step without any feedback.